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Soul Food for Healthy Living: Ask A Nutritionist – And a Soul Food Historian.

“In addition to the traditional soul food, one is called down-home healthy. The idea there is that you take traditional soul food preparations and you try to lighten them up…

Surprising Facts about Free Clinics

More than half of the US population will dip below the poverty line at some point before the age of 65. Many Americans may find themselves without health insurance at…

What’s a Reasonable Exercise Goal Per Day? Ask A Nutritionist.

According to new research, exercising as little as 11 minutes a day can help you live longer. We all know we should spend time being physically active on a regular…

The Dignity of Health Care

What does ‘health care for all’ mean? It starts with emphasizing dignity for those in our own community. As one of 1200 free and charitable clinics across the US, Barrier…

I [Heart] Recipes: Savory Pumpkin Risotto

Sick of pumpkin yet? We hope not! This festive food is actually a winter squash, and is loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals for just a fraction of the calories…

How Can I Keep My Immune System Strong? Ask A Nutritionist.

Cold and flu season are upon us. With the coronavirus still present, it’s even more important to try to stay as healthy as you can. It may not be entirely…

Problems With Mask-Wearing and Helpful Solutions

Wearing a mask is the new reality – and responsibility – for all Americans. When you wear a face covering, the risk of spreading COVID-19 reduces drastically, protecting those who…

How To Avoid Food Poisoning : Ask A Nutritionist

One in six Americans will get sick from food poisoning this year. That’s why food safety is so important for you and your family. Many of us are doing more…

Can My Diet Affect My Vision? Ask A Nutritionist.

Getting older means it’s even more important to protect your vision – with food. As you get older, especially after the age of 65, the rate of eye related diseases…

How To Grocery Shop Safely In the Age of Coronavirus

Going to the grocery store can be a stressful enough event as it is. In the age of coronavirus, many now find themselves experiencing even more anxiety; particularly for the…

How Can I Eat Enough Protein During A Meat Shortage? Ask a Nutritionist.

Many people rely on beef, pork, and poultry as the main source of protein for their meals; and getting enough protein is important. Protein helps to build muscle, repair tissue…

How Do I Keep My Family Healthy Under A Stay-At-Home Guidance? Ask A Nutritionist

During these difficult and unusual times, it can be a challenge to think about eating healthy and staying physically active. Particularly as many find themselves facing financial uncertainty, planning your…