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Dr. Laurie Kearse Featured in Volunteer Spotlight November 14, 2016

Each month, BIFMC shines a spotlight on one of our many exceptional clinic volunteers. From medical staff to voluntary file clerks, Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic is able to provide a warm, caring and expert primary medical home to hundreds of uninsured patients. The residents and workers of our Lowcountry community are cared for and kept healthy due to the commitment of our volunteers.

This month, we celebrate Dr. Laurie Kearse!

Dr. Laurie Kearse, BIFMC Physician.

Dr. Laurie Kearse, BIFMC Physician.

Name: Laurie A. Kearse, MD

Specialty: Family Medicine Physician

Years served at BIFMC: 2

  1. How did you learn about BIFMC? Were you actively looking for volunteer opportunities at the time? While one of our daughters was working out of town, I frequently visited her horse, Twiggy, who lives on Wadmalaw Island. It is always a joy to see Twiggy’s reactions to fresh apples and peppermints! Traveling down Maybank Highway, I noticed the BIFMC sign and each time that I drove past it, my interest grew. On one such trip to the farm, I spontaneously decided to visit the clinic and asked if I could speak with someone regarding volunteering. I was greeted kindly by the front staff, and within minutes, I was seated in an exam room with Wanda Lefler, Nurse Manager. Once we talked, I knew that I had arrived at the place where God could use me next to touch other lives. I can truly say that a horse is what led me to BIFMC, and I am grateful to utilize my knowledge and skills in this special place of medical treatment and healing.
  1. What is it about BIFMC’s mission that appeals to you personally? Volunteering at BIFMC enables me to use my Family Medicine Physician training and years of experience with a patient population whose gratitude is both genuine and immeasurable. Serving the health and wellness needs of our patients while offering them compassionate optimism is what appeals to me most. We all face different issues in life, but inspiring others with healthy lifestyle choices, medication, or other treatment modalities, and offering insight into one’s own responsibility in his or her health care is important. Whether our patients present with acute or chronic conditions, we can assist with their diagnosis and treatment. We can build stronger communities working together.
  1. How has volunteer work had an impact on your life? Volunteering at BIFMC continues to be a tremendous joy. This clinic is a place where I can utilize my skills as a physician with other volunteers and staff, all of whom are serving here because they have chosen to give of themselves to make a difference in our patient’s lives. Working with other health care providers in an environment of giving and sharing is rewarding.
  1. What would you say is the biggest misconception about those who cannot afford health insurance? The greatest misconception about uninsured patients is that they will never be able to overcome their circumstances. Although one’s journey may be riddled with hardships that often appear insurmountable, it is possible to make changes towards progress. It has been said that our thoughts affect our emotions and decisions leading to our actions, and actions then become habits which determine our character and ultimately our destination. We can truly impact our communities and positively affect the destination of this and future generations when we inspire the thoughts of those whose medical and other needs are challenging.
  1. What advice would you give to those considering volunteering their time or donating a gift to the clinic? If you are even considering volunteering or donating to this clinic, do it now. When that still small voice nudges you, respond affirmatively. You will not be disappointed. You will actually be rewarded.

Thank you, Dr. Kearse, for your compassion, time, and service to the community!

If you know and would like to nominate a current BIFMC volunteer, please contact us; To thank a volunteer, please share this spotlight via social media!

If you would like to learn more about how you can volunteer for Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic, click here.

Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic provides medical care to eligible patients, just like any family practitioner or internist – but it is free. We serve uninsured adults living at or below 200 % of the Federal poverty level who live or work on Johns, Wadmalaw or James Islands. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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