Proof of Eligibility

Please bring the documents below to your visit.

How do I prove that I am eligible?

1 Proof of age and identification.

Driver’s license, ID, passport or birth certificate.

2 Proof of residence or employment.

One of the following will work: Photo ID with current address, lease, mortgage, utility bill in patient’s name, rent slip, school registration, voter registration, employment letter stating service area, etc.

Your most recent tax return should indicate that you do not currently have health insurance.

4 Proof of income level.

Proof of ALL household income, wages, pension/retirement, social security, social security disability, child support, alimony, unemployment, workers compensation, rental income, etc.

Proof of wages will require at least 2 current consecutive paystubs. Social Security disability proof requires the Notice of Award document.

Check your income on this calculator.