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Everyone Deserves a little ‘Southern Hospitality’ – Especially Charleston’s Hospitality Workers. Download a Flier for Your Business

Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic now provides free healthcare services to include uninsured adults who work in the hospitality industry (inclusive of restaurants, bars, hotels and tourism) of Downtown Charleston; Folly Beach; Johns, James, and Wadmalaw Islands; West Ashley, Meggett, Ravenel, Hollywood and Walterboro. The HIP [Hospitality Inclusion Project] Initiative aims to expand patient eligibility and provide free healthcare, specialty referrals, and low/no cost prescription services to all uninsured adults ages 18-65 who serve (or have recently lost employment in) the hospitality industry across all eligible areas. [Are you eligible? Take this quiz.]

As a large, 140-volunteer free clinic located on Johns Island just over the Stono River Bridge from downtown Charleston, we are well positioned to meet the demands of the often low income, uninsured population comprising our hospitality industry. Clinic services include:

  • Primary Care
  • Dermatology
  • Psychiatry
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Gynecology
  • Urology 
  • Cardiology
  • Reproductive Health
  • Nutrition
  • Low/No Cost Prescriptions
  • Labs & Imaging
  • Free referrals to 19 off-site sub-specialty practices as needed.

As a part of our HIP Initiative, prior to submitting a patient application all prospective patients must first demonstrate that they meet the base guidelines for free health care services at Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic. HIP Eligible Patients Must:

  • Be age 18 – 65
  • Work (or recently lost work) in an established place of business catering to the Hospitality industry (food, beverage, lodging, or tourism) on Downtown Charleston; Folly Beach; Johns, James, and Wadmalaw Islands; West Ashley, Meggett, Ravenel, Hollywood and Walterboro.
  • Have no medical insurance, Medicaid or VA benefits
  • Meet Clinic Income Eligibility Guidelines (Check Here For Household Size Income Eligibility)
  • Submit Necessary Forms & Resources

*Prospective HIP patients will demonstrate initial eligibility by stating their 1. Current place of employment; 2. Household size and/or financial support for both family/dependent housing or non-familial rent sharing status; and 3. Indicate monthly or annual income.

Charleston Serves; Charleston Cares. It has long been our philosophy that everyone deserves the dignity of healthcare. We are now fortunate to be able to return the hospitality to those who serve as the backbone of what we consider to be a truly welcoming city.

Are you a downtown hospitality business owner or manager? Email us at info@bifmc.org to request informational materials for your employees!

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Are you eligible? Take this short quiz to help determine your eligibility, or call us at 843-266-9800. You can also email info@bifmc.org.

Click Here for Application Forms and Resources.


Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic is a 501c3 non-profit medical clinic in Charleston, SC. We provide free medical care to eligible patients just like any family practitioner or internist – at no cost. The Free Clinic serves uninsured adults living at or below 299 % of the Federal poverty level who reside or work across the Barrier Islands or Connecting Communities. You can follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.