Is Napping Good for Your Health? May 5, 2017

The power of a nap on a fussy toddler is not to be underestimated. But should adults indulge in a mid-day siesta, too? And who has the time?

The benefits of getting enough sleep are often overlooked and rarely prescribed, even though sleep is vital to your body’s ability to function and boost your immunity. In reality, taking a nap during the day is an impossibility for most of us who are working long hours or taking care of children. Instead, consider sleep to be something to catch up on when you can, like a bank account: You can go into a deficit pretty quickly, but you can also aim to save up during more opportune moments – like weekends – or try clocking in to bed earlier instead of watching that late-night tv show or reading on your phone.

Studies show that even 10- 20 minute power naps can be beneficial to your health, memory, and mental health. To optimize your super hero napping strength, keep a few pro-tips in mind:

  • Don’t Nap For Too Long
  • Aim for Mid-late Afternoon, if possible
  • Nap in a low stress, dimly lit area
  • Silence your phone or smart device

Remember: There is nothing lazy about nodding off. Let your body refuel when it can, and reap the benefits when you’re up and engaged again.

Find more tips via The National Sleep Foundation.

Happy Zzzzzzzzz’s!

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